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The Chair of Organizational Economics conducts research in Theoretical and Applied Microeconomics with a focus on issues in Organizational and Industrial Economics. In the field of Organizational Economics we are especially active in the areas of labor relationships and the interplay of innovations and human capital. In the field of Industrial Economics we focus on auctions as allocation mechanisms and the efficiency of internet markets. Further active research fields are Political Economy, Health Economics, and Insurance Economics.

In our work we combine formal theoretical models with state-of-the-art empirical analysis to test derived hypotheses with data from laboratory and field experiments or observational data. Our aim is to combine academic rigor with practical relevance to derive applicable (business and economic) policy implications.

Professor Englmaier is the head of the "Munich Graduate School of Economics (MGSE)", deputy speaker of the international doctorate program "Evidence Based Economics (EBE)" and co-coordinator of the "Organizational Research Group (ORG)".