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Below is a selection of articles in peer-reviewed publications by our research staff at the chair of Organizational Economics.


  • Florian Englmaier and Till Stowasser (2016) Price discontinuities in an online market for used cars. Management Science. Forthcoming. (Link)
  • Florian Englmaier and Till Stowasser "Electoral cycles in savings bank lending", 2016, Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming (Link)
  • Breckner, Englmaier, Stowasser, and Sunde (2016) Resilience to Natural Disasters: Insurance Penetration, Institutions, and Disaster Types. Economics Letters, Vol. 148, pp. 106-110. (Link)
  • Florian Englmaier and Katharina Schüßler "Complementarities of HRM Practices: A Case for a Behavioral Economics Perspective", 2016, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, forthcoming (Link)
  • Matthias Fahn "Relational contracts for household formation, fertility choice and separation” (with R. Rees, A. Wuppermann), 2016, Journal of Population Economics, 29(2), pp. 421-455 (Link)



  • Florian Englmaier "Reciprocity in Organizations - Evidence from the UK" (with T. Kolaska and S. Leider), 2015, CESifo Economic Studies, accepted
  • Florian Englmaier “Morale, Relationships, and Wages: An Experimental Study" (with C. Segal), 2015
  • Matthias Fahn "Optimal Contracting with Private Military and Security Companies (with T. Hadjer), 2015, European Journal of Political Economy, 37, 220-240.



  • Till Stowasser, Florian Heiss, Daniel McFadden, and Joachim Winter (2014)  Understanding the SES gradient in health among the elderly: The role of childhood circumstances. In D.A. Wise (ed.), Discoveries in the Economics of Aging, University of Chicago Press, pp. 187-219. (Link)
  • Florian Englmaier "Optimal Incentive Contracts for Knowledge Workers" (with G. Mühlheusser and A.
    Roider), 2014, European Economic Review, Vol. 67, pp. 82 - 106
  • Florian Englmaier "Biased Managers as Strategic Commitment" (with M. Reisinger), 2014, Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol. 35, pp. 350 - 35
  • Florian Englmaier "Worker Characteristics and Wage Differentials: Evidence from a Gift-Exchange
    Experiment" (with S. Strasser and J. Winter), 2014, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organiza-
    tion, Vol. 97, pp. 185 - 203
  • Florian Englmaier and Matthias Fahn "Long-Term Employment Relations When Agents are Present-Biased" (with M.A. Schwarz), 2014
  • Florian Englmaier and Matthias Fahn "Size Matters – “Over" investments in a Relational Contracting Setting", 2014
  • Florian Englmaier "Free Riding in the Lab and in the Field" (with G. Gebhardt), 2014; invited for resubmission to the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
  • Florian Englmaier "Unions, Communication, and Cooperation in Organizations" (with C. Segal), 2014; invited for resubmission to the Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics
  • Florian Englmaier "The Dynamics of Organization Design: A Research Agenda for Explaining Firm Heterogeneity" (with N. Foss, T. Knudsen, and T. Kretschmer), 2014
  • Florian Englmaier "The Role of Communication of Performance Schemes: Evidence from a Field Experiment" (with A. Roider and U. Sunde), 2014, invited for resubmission to Management Science
  • Matthias Fahn “On the Genesis of Multinational Foreign Affiliate Networks“ (with P. Egger, V. Merlo and G. Wamser), European Economic Review, Vol. 65(1), pp. 136-163.



  • Florian Englmaier "Contractual and Organizational Structure with Reciprocal Agents" (with S. Leider), 2012, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol. 4(2), pp. 146 - 183

  • Florian Englmaier "Gift Exchange in the Lab - It is not (only) how much you give ..." (with S. Leider), 2012
  • Florian Englmaier "Managerial Payoff and Gift Exchange in the Field" (with S. Leider), 2012
  • Till Stowasser, Heiss, McFadden, and Winter (2012) "Healthy, wealthy, and wise?" revisited: An analysis of the causal pathways from socio-economic status to health. In D.A. Wise (ed.), Investigations in the Economics of Aging, University of Chicago Press, pp. 267-317. (Link1), (Link2)



  • Florian Englmaier "Commitment in R&D Tournaments via Strategic Delegation to Overoptimistic Managers", Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol. 32(1), pp. 63 - 69



  • Florian Englmaier "Optimal Incentive Contracts under Inequity Aversion" (with A. Wambach), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 69, pp. 312 - 328

  • Florian Englmaier "Incentives, Reputation and the Allocation of Authority" (with A. Filipi and R. Singh), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 76, pp. 413 - 427

  • Florian Englmaier "Managerial Optimism and Investment Choice," Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol. 31(4), pp. 303 - 310



  • Florian Englmaier "The Chopstick Auction - An Experimental Study of the Exposure Problem in Auctions" (with P. Guillen, L. Llorente, S. Onderstal, R. Sausgruber), International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 27(2), pp. 286 - 291

  • Florian Englmaier "A Model of Strategic Delegation in Contests between Groups" (with S. Brandauer), Review of Economic Design, Vol. 13(3), pp. 205 - 232

  • Florian Englmaier "Determinants and Effects of Reserve Prices in HATTRICK Auctions" (with A. Schmöller), 2009



  • Florian Englmaier "Information, Coordination and the Industrialization of Countries" (with M. Reisinger), CESifo Economic Studies, Vol. 54, pp. 534 - 550