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Bachelor theses

Topic choice

In general, we expect you to come up with a topic of your own. Prepare a one to two-sided proposal about a topic of your choice, where you describe the problem, the thesis goal and your approach.

Based on your proposal we will decide whether there is a fit with our chair with regard to content, and who will be your advisor with whom you will discuss further details. Note that generally, a maximum of three appointments with your advisor is appropriate.

Be aware that your topic choice has to relate to the (research or teaching) focus of our chair, and in particular that we belong to the department of economics.


Please also consult the formal requirements set by ISC regarding Bachelor theses:
Bachelor (PStO 2008)
Bachelor (PStO 2013)


Some past theses topics:

  • InsurTech – Innovative Versicherungsprodukte und deren Marktpotenzial in Deutschland
  • Diversity in Teams: Evidence from Field Studies
  • Evaluation of Labor Market Policy Changes in Germany
  • Endogenous Identity and Value Formation: Applications to Immigrant Integration
  • Industry 4.0 and Impact on Wage Inequality
  • Digitalisation and Firm Organization
  • Ethnic diversity and team performance
  • Auswirkungen einer Bürgerversicherung auf den Versicherungsmarkt in Deutschland
  • Efficiency Concerns in the Sharing Economy
  • Female Leadership: Determinants and Effectiveness
  • Der Einfluss von Managementpraktiken und anderen Faktoren auf die Unternehmensperformance
  • Die Rolle höherer Bildung in STEM-Fächern und die geschlechtsspezifische Lohnlücke in Deutschland
  • Job Polarization and Skill Requirements: The Role of Technological Change