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Master theses

Please find more information about Master theses at our chair in the following document.

Please also consult the formal requirements set by ISC regarding Master theses:
Master (PStO 2010)
Master (PStO 2013)


Some past theses topics:

  • The role of second-order beliefs in social dilemma: an experimental investigation
  • Asymmetric updating about ego-relevant information: a meta-analysis
  • Inconsistent time preferences and on-the-job search: why people get stuck in "bad" jobs
  • Intangible goods in two-sided markets
  • Reciprocity in the labor market: an empirical assessment
  • Stereotypical thinking and learning: application to gender discrimination
  • Strategic ignorance for motivational purposes
  • Self-confidence and social desirability
  • The Virtual Leave of the Organization – The Internet-Enabled Transfer of Knowledge
  • Threat of Termination and Innovation: Field Experiment Design
  • Self-Selection of Eastern-European Immigrants in Germany
  • Do Workers Adopt Organisational Norms?